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Selkies was opened in 2021 by Steve and Debs, first inspired by Deb’s love of the sea & a dream of finding somewhere for people to come together, eat delicious food & warm yourselves with hot drinks, or something stronger. 

A place to ‘eat | drink | stay’ Selkies is a haven for sea lovers, beach combers, foodies and comfort seekers.

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You'll spot Steve and his cheeky grin behind the bar on our busier nights. Steve is a Liverpool supporter - but don't hold that against him! He's always up for a laugh and will gladly give you a recommendation on what to drink, taking his role as taste tester very seriously! 

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You'll find Debs behind the bar most weekdays. She also jumps back there whenever she pops in for a drink herself! 

If you have an idea for an event we could host or want us to do something else fun, Debs is the person to talk to !

Debs is a cold water swimmer, so if you're looking for the perfect place for a dip or just a nice beach for a picnic, she has the best recommendations.

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Pam was a nurse in a previous life and describes herself as “such a look at the moon person”. She is a keen cold water swimmer, so if you fancy a dip she’s the one to ask! 


Pam’s favourite cocktail is our Sea Garden, made with

Mermaid Gin, Aromatic Tonic, Rosemary,

Juniper & Pink Peppercorns. Pam also has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves our salted caramel cheesecake!

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Fraser is Selkies mixologist. He loves whipping up new cocktails for the team to try, and will take anyone on a shake off!

Fraser's favourite cocktail on our menu is the Dirty Pirate, a refreshing drink made with dark rum, spiced rum, lime juice, pineapple juice and a spritz of ginger ale. You have to try it! 

alban at selkies newquay.jpg


Alban, named after St Albans, the city in which he was born, loves working on a Thursday so he can listen to our brilliant musicians. He found it difficult to give us his favourite, but he thinks C-Bone just nabs it! 


Alban is often out the back making the delicious food on our menu, his favourite, like many of our customers, is our platters. Just make sure you come on an empty stomach! 

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